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Key Details

Entry in the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure
is FREE  for Year 1 – 8 classes in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

The event will run in Term 3 from Monday 29 July - Friday 30 August

You'll receive a Class Pack before it starts containing pedometers, a wall map and a few other surprises too!j

By taking part in Mini-Challenges, you can be in to WIN; 

  • a Super Fun Day at your school for everyone to enjoy,

  • a class lot of ASICS sport shoes (several to be won),

  • $200 vouchers (several to be won).

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Download Userguide


How to Earn Points

Young and Healthy How to Earn Points - billingual

Pedometer Setup

Points Tracking Sheet

Young and healthy Points Tracking

Counting Steps (without a pedometer)

Favourite Steps without a Pedometer

How to Earn Points (Te Reo Māori)

Young and Healthy How to Earn Points - Te Reo Maori

Course Details

Course Details
(Te Reo Māori)

Young and healthy Course Details Fact Files_Page_1
Young and Healthy Course Details te reo Maori_Page_1

Invite Parents to get involved 

It’s great to engage parents in the event, and we have a section on the website just for them with a userguide they can download to help their child get the most out of the event.

Here is a quick explanation you can pop into an email or on your Facebook page:

"Our class will be participating in the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. It’s a fun program that takes us around the world guided by ASICS Ambassadors Ardie Savea, Kane Williamson and Ameliaranne Ekenasio and encourages activity, drinking plenty of water, and other simple daily actions to support health and wellbeing. For more about the event and how you can support us and get involved please go to and check out the 'For Parents' section.".

Worksheets & Activities

Zespri Interesting Facts

NUTRITION: The daily Scoop
Zespri - Nutrition: The daily Scoop
VITAMIN C: means vitality
Zespri - VITAMIN C: means vitality
Young & Healthy Trust 2019 | Zespri Younf & Healthy Virtual Adventure

​The Virtual Adventure uses a unique digital platform to engage tamariki in a fun virtual adventure, inspiring and encouraging them to make healthy choices.


Phone: +64 275760133

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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