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Healthy Whānau / Families

Tamariki have so much fun learning about their hauora and putting that into action.  Many share what they are doing with Whānau who take up the challenge themselves and the wellbeing ripples just keep on going! 

  • Get moving together every day that you can, even if it's only for 5-10 minutes.   Outside is better too as being out in nature gives your body and brain a whole extra level of wellbeing!

  • Creating meals, snacks or lunchbox foods together is a great way of creating interest in what we eat

  • Get a good night of sleep for all, by turning off devices 2 hours before bed, dimming the lights and snuggling to together with a book.

  • Be mindful.  So often we are thinking of what is ahead of us and miss the little moments that can bring us joy and calmness.  Spend some time together really listening to each other or focusing on an activity you are doing together.

  • Drink plenty of water to boost energy levels and help your brain and body function at their best.  Make it a family ritual to drink a glass of water when you get out of bed, after school and before dinner, even a few glasses a day can make a huge difference to your energy!

We will have mini-challenges that you can do together over the course of the Virtual Adventure.  Sign up to receive updates and share your experiences and maybe win some fun prizes too!

“We used the Challenge every day in every curriculum area to enrich our teaching experience.  I cannot thank you enough!”  

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Our Founder

Kim Karvey

For over 25 years, founder Kim Harvey has poured her energy, passion and knowledge into inspiring and empowering NZ'ers, big and small, to nurture and improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as they possibly can by taking small steps, every single day. 

“Definitely social too, working with part of the team and encouraging communication"

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