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Runs in Term 3

15 August - 19 September

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The children had the power.

The children could decide what activity they went to, for how long, in which order, and with whom. I believe this enhanced their sense of engagement. 


The activities didn't have a sense of winning and losing.

The activities were physical in nature but weren't competitive, and I have a feeling this helped to engage many children.


And most all the kids had fun and having fun is good for kids!!

Gavin Oliver, Principal, Pukete School,Hamilton

For Whānau / Parents

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"Me and my family continue to do lots of little challenges together at home. We try and see who makes the healthier lunch, who drinks the most water and who does the most steps in a day. It is really funny because my mum and dad are so competitive between them. I love it when we play more games together to increase our steps." - Mackenzie, Pukete School"

Making Healthy Choices

"I liked how students had to think about accountability- what makes a healthy diet, what makes a healthy lifestyle. A number of children were far more conscientious about making change with their choices and their active lifestyle vs use of devices vs their personal sleep patterns. A number often turned up to school tired- gaming all night- I noticed a change in these students where they were more focussed. I think this was directly impacted by them having to enter personal data which I could see, and they could also see how far we had travelled on our journey. "  Teacher, Fairfield Intermediate, Hamilton

Our Purpose

Helping our tamariki build deep and strong foundations of great hauora, to thrive, now and in the future

Preventing poor health requires many small habits, repeated consistently to create lifelong hauora / wellbeing, and the earlier we start the more embedded they become.  So, through fun and engaging programs, our mission is to help our tamariki develop small daily behaviours that help them to feel their best each day, whilst creating foundations for positive mind and body hauora as they grow. 

We use a little bit of clever and unique technology to engage our "digital generation" and our inspiring ASICS Ambassadors encourage tamariki along the way.

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Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure Zespri

Participants Feedback

Event Image.webp

Ms Watts, View Road School

My students enjoyed seeing where we were going and learning about different areas of the world.  Also they LOVED seeing their steps going up

Lynda, Paengaroa School

Tamariki were drinking more water, being more active (running around the field during their break times to get more steps).

Rachel, West Rolleston School

Participating encouraged tamariki to eat more fruit and veg and drink more water. Children were a lot more active before school as soon as they put their watches on 

Stacey, St John's School

They liked competing with another class. Inventing their own kiwifruit. Loved the competitions. Enjoyed the mini challenges.

In the News

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2023 School Event

Early-Bird Registration is open now.

Only 15,000 places will be available in 2023, so you will need to be quick to claim your places.

Example of the Virtual Challenge created by the kids.webp

Virtual Adventure for Workplaces

Wellbeing at work has never been more important, and this fun event connects remote employee's in a proactive way.  Get healthy and help us fund more places for tamariki in the School Virtual Adventure at the same time! Most of your entry fee goes towards more places for schools.

My WellBeings Program

Our mind and body performs incredible things for us every second of every day...without us thinking about it.  The "My WellBeings" program engages tamariki (and adults too!) in a fun way to consider the ways they can help their "WellBeings" to do those tasks with health and resilience

Young & Healthy Trust 2019 | Zespri Younf & Healthy Virtual Adventure

​The Virtual Adventure uses a unique digital platform to engage tamariki in a fun virtual adventure, inspiring and encouraging them to make healthy choices.


Phone: +64 275760133

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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