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Thank you for getting involved in the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure - we know that you will all have lots of fun!

Because the program is so interactive and has lots of elements;  from encouraging children to be active and healthy as well as providing lots of information on the world around us, we thought you may like to use some of the cool stuff they will do and learn on their adventure, to include in your class lessons.  So we’ve put together some tips, tools and ideas you can use…although we know you will have loads of your own and we’d love you to share them!



Health and wellbeing ideas, tips and links

Using your pedometers

Mini-Challenges - win prizes if you want to share!

Course Details - destination information, health and wellbeing messages and some discussions you could have

"How To" Video's

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Points Entry Options

Teacher only entering points                      Teacher and students entering points             Students only entering points

Course Details - where in the world are you going?

Fun Things to do with Younger Students


Colour our badge

Zespri Bad Bugs colouring fun

Where does Zespri kiwifruit grow in NZ - colour the regions on the map and send it to us

5 Plus A Day Fruit and Vege Match

Interesting things you might like to know more about: