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School Program Resources

Thank you for joining us on this year's Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure!  The program is really interactive and has lots of elements;  from encouraging children to be active and healthy as well to providing lots of information about the world around us, so below are some tips, tools and ideas you can use…although we know you will have loads of your own and we’d love you to share them!

Small things done consistently have a BIG impact

He iti mahi i ia rā, he pānga nui a muri mai

Tools and Guides to the Program

Daily Check-In sheet

How are you feeling today?  Tired, happy, cranky - use this checklist to see if you are you doing small daily things that help your precious tinana and hinengaro?

I challenge you from this day forward, to do a little check in with yourself to ensure you keep doing small things every day that have a BIG impact on how you feel!

Young and Healthy Daily Check In Daily Checklist

Invite Parents

Invite Parents to get involved 

We love having the whole whānau taking part! Share this promo with them to encourage them to SIGN UP for the family Challenges too!

Here is a quick explanation you can pop into an email or on your Facebook page:

"In Term 4, our class will be participating in the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure.  It’s a fun program that runs for 5 weeks and encourages activity, drinking plenty of water, and other simple daily actions to support health and wellbeing.  We’d love whānau to follow along, or join in the action.  You can sign up for information at and you’ll go in the draw for prizes too!"

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