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  • Kim Harvey

Paroa students step up

October 21 2022

Source: Greymouth Star, Greymouth West Coast

Paroa School last Thursday joined in with 22,000 students around New Zealand for the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure programme. Students were given their own pedometers and encouraged to take them home to get their steps up outside of school. Teachers will be offering class walks along the cycle trail as a way to get some physical activity in during school hours and are waiting to see if the students will tap into their competitive streak for the duration of the challenge.

Children can track points with the avatars they create to move around a virtual map, learning some interesting facts on the history of each destination they stop at along the way. There will be some mini challenges put together by Paroa School too, with prizes on offer for the Year 7 and 8 participants. The programme is all about raising healthy habits and runs over a five-week period so that children have a chance to feel the benefits of less screen time, good sleeping patterns, healthy eating and exercise — with the hope that they will choose to continue to be mindful about their daily habits.

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