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Learning about healthy choices

Students at Makauri School are among 20,000 from around the country taking part in the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. kicked off last week around the country.

The five-week programme aims to inspire young people to adopt a lifetime of good healthy choices.

“It encourages and educates kids, highlights awareness of healthy choices and best health practices,” said Tanya Nielsen, a teacher at Makauri School. This is the third year she has been involved in the programme.

“I just love how it’s interactive,” she said.”It takes you all around the world, virtually, and in each country you learn something about that country.

“It really is making a good impact on the kids because you have to eat healthy food, drink water and take part in mindfulness activities. You then enter the data and move ahead to the next country, so it has a competitive side to it. The kids are using the pedometers so it has a maths element to it as well,” Miss Nielsen said.

In preparation for the challenge, she took her students to a nearby kiwifruit orchard, where they sat among the vines while experts shared their knowledge of the goodness of the much-loved fruit.

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