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Kane Williamson goes back to school to launch wellness initiative

Superstar cricketer Kane Williamson visited Te Ākau Ki Pāpāmoa School yesterday to launch an initiative to get kids active.

The annual Zespri Young & Healthy Virtual Adventure is a groundbreaking initiative promoting wellness and fun for children, with this year’s programme beginning this week.

The virtual adventure includes exciting challenges, educational modules and rewards to keep children motivated throughout their journey. By drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables, reducing sweet treats and screen time and practising mindfulness, they earn points to move their class around the virtual course, exploring their own backyard as well as global destinations such as Japan, China, Italy and Greece. The interactive journey aims to encourage children to get moving for their mind, mood and mental health.

“With the digital era and the screen time age that we are in, it brings a really healthy component to it by taking them on a virtual adventure that is very much promoting wellbeing and earning points which you can earn by being outside, getting active with your mates,” said Kane.

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