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Exploring With Healthy Choices

December 1, 2021

Source: The Ensign, Gore Southland

Longford Intermediate School pupils are leading active, healthier lives as they explore new countries. Pupils in six classes at the school are some of the 20,000 New Zealanders taking part in the Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure, where points are earned by exercising, eating healthily and sleeping well. Teacher Charlotte Forbes said she and her class enjoyed the programme, which started on November 1.

"They've loved it, they've absolutely loved it. "I've enjoyed watching the kids make those changes knowing it's so positive. And because it's only small changes I think it will stay." "Instead of getting in the car, a lot of them are cycling or walking. "It's reinforced our message of how important it is to have that healthy balance in life and how important it is to exercise for not only your physical body but for your mind as well." Pupils had the freedom to choose how they obtained their points, she said.

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