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A Mission for Our Kids | Young and Healthy Trust


Source: Verve

“Research has shown that the first 10 years of a child’s life lay the crucial foundations for attitudes and habits that impact their physical and mental health as adults,” Kim Harvey, founder of the Young and Healthy Trust.

It’s no secret that despite our clean, green image and myriad of sporting successes New Zealand’s children are far from the healthiest they can be.

UNICEF’s latest The State of the World’s Children report ranked us second-worst in the OECD for childhood obesity, with 39 per cent of our 5 – 19 year olds overweight or obese rating us just behind the United States.

One Kiwi mum set out to make a real difference for kids across the country and her vision has since grown into a program that supports 20,000 children every year, from the far north to the deep south – without any government support.

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