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Adding more fruit and veges to your day

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I'm not sure about you, but apart from a half plate of vege's at dinner, I sometimes struggle to add any fruit or vege's during the day. Logically, working from home should make it easier to be organised with prepared, easy to grab nutritious snacks. BUT, toast seems to win out more often than not! So I have used the start of the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure as a reset for me and my family to amp up our fruit and vege intake. I'm testing these ideas out, so perhaps you can share with me what you do too;

1. start the day with a smoothie.....I'm throwing in whatever fresh fruit is getting a bit past it for lunchboxes e.g kiwifruit for fibre and Vit C, a browning banana for potassium and a handful of spinach if there is some.

2. putting a fruit bowl in my office. It sits larger than life in my view all day, so when hungry I can easily grab an apple or kiwi.

3. adding a carrot and baby tomatoes to piece of toast and a boiled egg lunch (my standard go to) .

4. eating a piece of fruit with the kids when they get home from school

5 Plus a Day have lots of great ideas too

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