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20,000 Kiwi kids Still Set to Enjoy a 'Virtual Adventure'

November 3, 2021

Source: Info News

It's been a tough year for Kiwi kids but 20,000 tamariki are about to take the trip of a

lifetime thanks to the 2021 Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure.

This year's Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure will provide classes across

Aotearoa with an important opportunity to discover the world virtually and embrace

healthier lifestyles - even if they can't get to school in person.

Kicking into action on Monday, November 1, the health and wellbeing programme

will take Kiwi tamariki on a virtual trip around the globe, instilling healthy habits

along the way like exercising, eating extra fruit and vegetables, drinking more water

and reducing leisure time spent on screens.

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