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Our Founder

Kim Karvey - Founder - Young & Healthy Trust - Virtual Challenge

Our Founder

Kim Harvey

For over 25 years, founder Kim Harvey has poured her energy, passion and knowledge into inspiring and empowering NZ'ers, big and small, to nurture and improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as they possibly can by taking small steps, every single day. 

She learned early in her career that the key to helping people to find the intrinsic motivation to achieve this for a lifetime, centres on having fun so being healthy is a choice they want to make, rather than a chore. 


This has been the guiding principle of all the successful programs she has developed, from engaging and award winning health and wellbeing programs for workplaces; individual health coaching plans, and entertaining events for children and their families.  The programs have empowered participants to develop a love of being active and making healthy choices the way they “do life” having a massive, positive impact on their mental and physical health, every day.

With research showing that the first 10 years of life are critical to ensure children develop a love of being healthy and active, Kim developed a home-based activity program for children and their families to help them find their way to create sustainable healthy habits.  She secured funding from Sport Auckland and teamed with  a DHB dietician, visited families in their homes and often brought her families together to have fun being active together in a supportive environment.  This was so effective it was rolled out nationwide under the Green Prescription “Active Families” banner and continues today. 


To reach more people, in a cost-effective way, working with a passionate group of animators and developers, Kim created an entertaining, online wellbeing challenge that has been embraced by workplaces, schools, children and their families for it's engaging nature and effectiveness in helping individuals to embed daily habits.


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M +64 275760133


We know that when children are active, sleeping and eating well, they concentrate and learn better in class, and if games are on offer their engagement goes up a notch!

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