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What is it about?

We know that when kids are active, sleeping and eating well, they concentrate and learn better in class, and if games are on offer their engagement goes up a notch!

The Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure is a fun health and wellbeing program that uses a little bit of technology to engage our "iPad generation" and takes your class on a virtual global adventure,  led by a star cast of NZ sporting elite, ASICS Ambassadors; Ardie Savea, Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Kane Williamson and Samantha Charlton


By engaging in healthy daily behaviours in the real world, kids will earn points to move your class around the virtual course "visiting" places like; Peru, China, New Zealand and more.  As well as getting healthy tips from our ASICS Ambassadors, they'll learn about the history and culture of the destinations you reach.

  • If you've done it before, we have an amazing new website, avatar builder and updated animations!

  • You'll get free pedometers if you want them

  • There are competitions with prizes and giveaways throughout the 5 weeks

  • Every child builds their own unique avatar and will see video's of each adventure destination, interacting with our ASICS Ambassadors

  • Parents can get involved too

  • It runs for 5 weeks in Term 4 2021 from 21st Oct

It's easy to run and you can use it in many different class lessons, if you like.


Places are limited to 20,000 for the 2021 event, so get in quick!

What I really liked was the interactive high interest model. Students were totally engaged in the programme.  Heather, teacher

More about the Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure
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It's an evidence-based program that inspires, motivates and encourages kiwi kids and their whanau to develop healthy habits for a lifetime of good physical and mental wellbeing. 

As experts say the first 10 years are critical for children to develop a love of being active and healthy, the program is offered FREE to schools across Aotearoa with over 80,000 children participating the three years it has been run.


Led by our inspirational sporting ambassadors and using a little bit of technology to engage the iPad generation, participants build their own unique avatars and learn in a fun and engaging way about why their health is important and the choices they can make themselves to protect their health and wellbeing to feel the best that they can, each and every day.  


During the event participants track their real-life healthy behaviours like; moving more often, eating fruit and vege's, choosing water as their main drink, sleeping well and minimising leisure screen time.  This earns points that move their class or support crew team around the global course to amazing places like Japan, Peru, Russia, Croatia and many more. 


As their team reaches each destination, entrants are rewarded with a video featuring their unique avatar exploring the location they are "visiting“ and learn from and interact with our inspiring ambassadors. These learning based rewards help instil intrinsic motivation, further assisting the development of lifelong skills and habits. ​

Rather than just a few lessons, the virtual adventure runs over 5-6 weeks, giving time for children to immerse themselves in the fun learning elements and most importantly take action in the real world, so they experience first-hand the feeling of being more active and healthier.  The University of Sydney evaluation of the program identified this as one of the aspects of the program that the children liked the best, making it so much more likely for the actions to become habits. 


Proven Effectiveness

The program has been successfully evaluated by the University of Sydney:

“The Challenge had a positive impact on the physical activity of students during the Challenge period.  Teachers also reported that the Challenge was a great opportunity to motivate students to become more physically active." 

Further, doing more physical activities, becoming fit and feeling healthier were identified by the students themselves as some of the things they liked the best about the Challenge.

Teachers and program implementation staff also noted unintended benefits of the Challenge in relation to improved attendance and behaviour, facilitating positive social behaviour by promoting teamwork and encouraging student relationships, and enhancing learning opportunities through the integration of the Challenge into teaching components of the syllabus”


“One [student] in particular, he does not do any sport at all and he wanted to be involved and ... he'd put [the pedometer] on and he'd walk around the oval, and that's the most sport I think he's done since he's been in kindergarten ... It's been a whole lifestyle change ... he was really getting a bit lazy, on the X-Box 24/7 but now he's wanting to be outside playing sport, his clothes are starting to be a bit looser on him ... so it's really good.”

Mr Horan, Walgett School, NSW


"Katie made a chocolate cake and took it to class yesterday and brought quite a  bit home. She told me not all the kids wanted some because they are trying to be healthy and not eat too much sugar. I said “really why” and she said it was because of the Challenge! So there you go, the message is getting through and resonating with the kids. I thought that was pretty cool!“

Ellie, parent


“I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing challenge.  I teach a class of Year 1 children and they are loving it.  The first thing they do when they get to school is put on their pedometers and then they are off.  Parents have commented on how active the children are too”

Helen, Peninsula Primary


“The program is well thought out and user friendly with lots of information and great tips.  My parents are so impressed by this.  Some are going to try hard to get their children to achieve maximum steps.  Another has been so thrilled to know finally how many steps their child makes in a day.”

Mr Smith, Papakowhai School


“I can hardly believe how this has taken off.  I have kids who jog next to me to talk to me because they can not stop moving, little ones running past me at a hundred miles an hour going nowhere in particular.”

Katarina, Flaxmere School


“Great way to bring a fun focus to healthy living. I think the kids favourite part by far though was seeing themselves on the videos - every time it was a high state of excitement - from Yr 5/6 students!”

Mr Mawby, Moree East School


“Thank you to you and your team for all the motivating emails and the great website you have shared with us to promote healthy habits among us all (including teachers)”

Lorelle, Torbay School


Learning opportunities in relation to healthy lifestyles were identified by teachers. One teacher noted that students were more interested in eating fruit during the Challenge and suggested that there was an increase in students bringing fruit to school.

University of Sydney evaluation